Trendy London flat with huge skylight on market for £1,300 a month – but there’s a catch

Trendy London flat with huge skylight on market for £1,300 a month – but there’s a catch

A flat in a trendy London area is available to rent for just £1,300 a month – the catch is it’s hidden inside a cupboard.

The tiny studio property is certainly ‘cozy and compact’ – common euphemisms often used for extremely small flats for rent in the city.

And while it might not quite be suitable for anyone looking to share their home with a partner, friend or flatmate, it could be the right home for someone who owns hardly anything and hates cooking.

Based in the south west of London and just a stone’s throw from Clapham Junction, it’s easy to see why it could be desirable to some.

But despite the location and price, there is a small catch – the kitchen is actually a carefully crafted hidden unit behind a cupboard.

The cupboard opens up to reveal a tiny, yet fully equipped basic kitchen – featuring a sink, fridge, cupboard space, a two-ring burner, and bin storage.

While it appears to meet very basic culinary needs – there does not seem to be an oven.

But, the hidden facilities don’t end there because the bathroom is also hidden behind another cupboard, opening up to reveal a small sink and toilet.

The sleeping area appears to be a raised platform, offering a bunkbed-style set-up to get some shut eye at night – providing the glaring sun from the skylight right overhead isn’t a problem.

Located on Musjid Road, potential tenants can walk to Clapham Junction station within five minutes – a huge, bustling hub station with full underground access and dozens of national rail routes leading outside London.

The monthly rent for the studio, offered by OpenRent, comes in at £1,300 – without bills. But it also comes with a £1,500 deposit requirement.

While the ‘quirky’ features might seem unique, other London property offerings also see landlords looking to cash in on tiny living spaces by sprucing them up as liveable homes.

Earlier this month a property was listed at £1,279 per month and described by the estate agent as offering a “compact” living space, reports MyLondon.

The listing tells renters that the property comes with all the essentials, but initially it is tricky to find where the toilet, shower and kitchen are.

The property is described in the listing as having a “compact kitchen” and a “hidden away bath and shower”.

The flat in Pimlico is located in a desirable area of Central London, which might explain the hefty price tag for such a small space which could see a potential tenant reach to grab a snack from their kitchen while not even leaving the bed.

The room is being let out via Foxtons on Rightmove, with the flat gaining attention on social media because of its hidden bathroom feature.

On the listing, the flat is described as: “A bright ground floor studio flat presented in great condition throughout boasting a compact kitchen, hidden away bath and shower and situated in an excellent location close to Victoria.”

The “compact kitchen” described by Foxtons is a microwave and a small fridge.

There is a small surface which has just enough space to hold a kettle, but not much else.

The cupboard doors open to reveal the washing area, but with those doors open you wouldn’t be able to enter the toilet.

The toilet is hidden to the side of the bed meaning that the sleeping area is completely surrounded by the shower, tiny kitchen, toilet, a small desk to the side and a TV placed on the floor.

The property gained attention on social media as people couldn’t believe how much the property costs each month.